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Important CA-7 Commands | CA7 Commands Cheat Sheet.

Important CA-7 Commands
CA7 is an batch job scheduler, which is used to schedule job and run jobs based on specific schedule i.e. Daily, Monthly etc. CA7 scheduler is quite popular automation tools.  
Important CA-7 Commands:

  • LACT - Lists active jobs.
  • LRDY - Lists ready queue jobs.
  • XQM   - Lists the complete requirement of a job.
  • XQJ – Lists of jobs in alphabetical order of job name.
  • XQN – Lists the jobs based on ca-7 number.
  • XQ – Lists the jobs based on first come first serve basis.
  • CANCEL, JOB=JOBNAME, SCHID=050, FORCE=YES, REASON= - Cancels a job and clears the details from CMT.
  • CANCEL, JOB=JOBNAME, SCHID=050, REASON= - To cancel a job.
  • HOLD, JOB=JOBNAME, REASON= – To hold a job.
  • POST, JOB=JOBNAME – To post a job after meeting the requirement.
  • SUBMT, JOB=JOBNAME – To submit a job at specified time.
  • LIST, JOB=JOBNAME – List of failed jobs in list queue.
  • LISTDIR, DSN=---------, MEM= - To see how many members in a pds.
  • LSCHD, JOB=JOBNAME, LIST=SCHD – Lists all the schid’s defined for a particular job.
  • LSCHD, JOB=JOBNAME, LIST=CALS – Lists the standard calendar for a particular job.
  • LSCHD, JOB=JOBNAME, LIST=TRIG – List of triggered jobs.
  • LSCHD, JOB=JOBNAME, LIST=NODD – Lists the jobs without dd names and step names.
  • LSCHD, JOB=DID* - List of each job in database with schedule info.
  • LSCHD, JOB=DID*, ST=EXP - List of each job in database with schedule summary along with expired jobs.
  • LPRRN, JOB=JOBNAME – Lists of jobs which is last successful run.
  • REQUEUE, JOB=JOBNAME – When job is failed with syntactical errors, that job must be requeue.
  • REQUEUE, JOB=JOBNAME, Q=LACT – If the job is in active queue.
  • LCTLG, DSN=TRGD.JOBNAME – List of all the triggered jobs.
  • L DSN=FSS254.SAI.PS, LIST=ALL – Lists the users who is using the dataset.
  • LQ – Lists all jobs in ca-7 queue are and tell which queue each job is in.
  • LQ, JOB=JOB NAME – Gives status of a job.
  • LQ, JOB=JOB NAME, LIST=RQMT – Will give the requirements the job is waiting on.
  • LQ, ST=LATE – Lists the jobs which is late in all queue’s.
  • LQ, ST=HELD – List of held jobs.
  • LQ, ST=SUBM – list of submitted jobs.
  • LQ, ST=ABND – List of abended jobs.
  • LJOB, JOB=JOBNAME – Complete information about job.
  • LJOB, JOB=JOB NAME, LIST=TRIG – Lists the triggered jobs.
  • LJOB, JOB=JOB NAME, LIST=PROS – Lists the demanded out jobs.
  • LJOB, JOB=JOB NAME, LIST=RQMT – Requirement of a particular job.
  • LJOB, JOB=JOBNAME, LIST=SCHD – It will give how many schid’s are assigned to a particular job
  • LPROS, JOB=JOBNAME – Used to get job docs.
  • PRRN, JOB=JOB NAME – Lists the last successful run of the job
  • - Lists start and end times of jobs
  • - Date and highest condition code
  • /STOP, Q=ALL – To stop the ca-7 database
  • /HOLD, Q=ALL – To put the request and ready queue are in hold
  • /RELEASE, Q=ALL – To release the queue from hold
  • /START, Q=ALL – To start the ca-7 database
  • /DISPLAY, ST=JCL – List of all jcl id’s and their associated libraries
  • /DISPLAY, ST=JCL – List of all jcl id’s and associated libraries
  • /PROF – Lists and updates ca-7 user profiles
  • LJES – Lists of jobs that have been sent to JES
  • FRJOB, JOB=JOBNAME – List of information about predecessors
  • FRQJOB, JOB=JOBNAME – List of information about successors
  • FSTRUC, JOB=JOBNAME – Which schid is going to run today
  • DEMAND, JOB=JOBNAME, SCHID=050, SET=NTR – Demand job with trigger.
  • DEMAND, JOB=JOBNAME, SCHID=050, SET=SKIP – Demand job.
  • ADDRQ, JOB=JOBNAME, USR = reason – To add a request to a job in the request queue
  • LRLOG – Details of previous run since from midnight
  • LRLOG, JOB=JOBNAME – How many times a job getting failed
  • LRLOG, ST=CANCEL, SPAN=24 – List of canceled jobs in last 24hrs
  • LRLOG, ST=FORCE, SPAN=24 – List of force completed jobs in last 24 hrs
  • LRLOG, ST=RSTRT, SPAN=24 – List of restarted jobs in last 24hours
  • LRLOG, JOB=JOBNAME, DATE=* - List of jobs in the last 5 days
  • /D U TAPE, STATUS=ALLOC – Gives how many tapes are engaged
  • /V U, MODE=OFFLINE – How many tapes are in offline
  • /V U, MODE=ONLINE – How many tapes are available
  • /DISPLAY, Q=ALL – To display all q
  • /DISPLAY, ST=JCL – Used to see all the jcl libraries
  • /LQ, LIST=USR – How many jobs are waiting for user requirement
  • LQP, JOB=JOBNAME – Lists job information in request and ready Q
  • LJCL, JOB=JOBNAME – Lists jcl deck in XQM panel
  • /DISPLAY, ST=CAL – Display all calendars
  • /DISPLAY, FM=SCAL – To display all calendars
  • DA OJOB – Used to see only active application job

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