Sunday, 11 August 2013

COBOL Performance Tuninig.

Performance Tuning is one of most critical factor of mainframe application. Because when we talk about mainframe we always talk about MIPS and cost involved.
In this section we will focuses on some of the options that are available for tuning an application, as well as the overall LE run-time environment.
This in itself may not produce high performing code since both the coding style and the data types can have a significant impact on the performance of the application.
In fact, the coding style and data types usually have a far greater impact on the performance of an application than that of tuning the application via external means (e.g., compiler options, run-time options, space management tuning, and placing the library routines in shared storage).
First, we will look at each of these external options in a little more detail. We will take a close look on Compiler Options that Affect Run-Time Performance. 

Compiler options, by far, have been the cause of a vast majority of the performance problems reported by customers.
Many customers are not aware of the performance implications that many of the compiler options have at run time, especially the
  • AWO
  • RENT
  • TEST
  • TRUNC options
Let's look at each of these options to see how they might affect the performance of an application program. We will discuss more on various compiler option in individual post.
Reference : IBM Enterprise COBOL Version 3 Release 1 Performance Tuning.

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