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JCL | JOB CARD | JOB Statement | Positional Parameters | Keyword Parameter


Today, I 'll discuss the JOB STATEMENT (i.e. JOB CARD in JCL) and various keyword parameters and positional parameters. Let's begin with the tutorial.   

The JOB, EXEC and DD statements have many parameters to allow the user to specify instructions and information. Describing them all would fill an entire book (such as the IBM publication, z/OS JCL Reference). 

This section provides only a brief description of a few of the more commonly used parameters for the JOB, EXEC, and DD statements.

JOB Parameters 

The JOB statement //MYJOB JOB 999 has a job name MYJOB. The 999 is an accounting field that can be subject to system exits that might be used for charging system users.

Keywords Parameters
JOB Parameters
Positional Parameters are coded first in the parameters field, and the operating system interprets their meaning based on the order in which they’re presented.
Two positional parameters

//RC01AR JOB 99222,'RC JACK'

Keyword Parameter isn’t interpreted based on its position in the parameters field. Instead, you identify the parameter by coding a keyword followed by an equals sign (=) and a value. When you code a JCL statement that has more than one keyword parameter, you can code the parameters in any order you wish. 

Two keyword parameters 


Some common JOB statement parameters include:

  1. REGION = Requests specific memory resources to be allocated to the job
  2. NOTIFY = Sends notification of job completion to a particular user, such as the submitter of the job.
  3. USER = Specifies that the job is to assume the authority of the user ID specified. 
  4. CLASS = Directs a JCL statement to execute on a particular input queue. 
  5. MSGCLASS = Directs job output to a particular output queue. 
  6. MSGLEVEL = Controls the number of system messages to be received.


//JOBNAME JOB [ accounting-information ] [,programmer-name ]
              [ ,MSGCLASS=class ]
              [ ,MSGLEVEL=(stmt,msg) ]
              [ ,NOTIFY=user-id ]

Example: JCL JOB CARD with keyword and positional parameters.
//* Prepare past-due reports from SALARY file *
//SR7200 EXEC PGM=SR7200
//INFILE DD ................

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