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IEHMOVE is a system utility used to move or copy logical collections of operating system data.
You cannot use IEHMOVE with PDSEs, ISAM or VSAM data sets, or large format sequential data sets. If you do use IEHMOVE to move or copy data sets to SMS-managed volumes, you must preallocate all the target data sets.
If the data set you are copying or moving is cataloged, and you are moving or copying it to an SMS-managed volume, you must rename the data set.
IEHMOVE can be used to move or copy:
  • A sequential, partitioned or BDAM data set residing on one to five volumes.
  • A group of non-VSAM data sets cataloged in an integrated catalog facility catalog.
  • A volume of data sets.
  • BDAM data sets with variable-spanned records.
A move operation differs from a copy operation in that a move operation scratches source data if the data set resides on a direct access volume and the expiration date has occurred, while a copy operation leaves source data intact. In addition, for cataloged data sets, a move operation updates the catalog to refer to the moved version (unless otherwise specified), while a copy operation leaves the catalog unchanged.
The scope of a basic move or copy operation can be enlarged by:
  • Including or excluding data sets from a move or copy operation
  • Merging members from two or more partitioned data sets
  • Including or excluding selected members
  • Renaming moved or copied members
  • Replacing selected members
When moving or copying a data set group or a volume containing password-protected data sets, you must provide the password each time a data set is opened or scratched.
IEHMOVE always moves or copies any user labels associated with an input data set. You cannot use your own label processing routine with IEHMOVE.
Example 4: Move Partitioned Data Set to Allocated Space

In this example, a partitioned data set is moved to a disk volume on which space has been previously allocated for the data set. The source data set is scratched.

MOVE PDS=PDSSET1,TO=disk=222222,FROM=disk=333333

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