Sunday, 22 September 2013

COBOL Application.

An application is a collection of programs design to achive specific task or objective. For example Employee Management System which is broadly categories into 4 different categories based on business requirment.

  • Employee Registration: consist of module which will be design to handle employee registration.
  • Employee Salary Calc: consist of modules which will be desing to calcualte salary of employees. 
  • Employee Daily Req: consist of module which will be desing to handle daily request from employees.
  • Employee Reporting: consist of module which will be desing to handle monthly or daily reporting.
Many applications consist of several separately compiled programs linked together. A RUN UNIT (the COBOL term synonymous with enclave in Language Environment) includes one or more object programs and can include object programs written in other Language Environment member languages.
All program which is include in applicaition were broadly divied into two category :
  • Main Program : If a COBOL program is the first program in a run unit, that COBOL program is the main program.
  • Sub Program :  All other COBOL programs in the run unit are called subprograms.  
No specific source-code statements or options identify a COBOL program as a main program or subprogram.

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