Saturday, 14 September 2013

DB2 Scrollable Cursor | Scrollable Cursor Classification & Concept.

Db2 Scrollable Cursor.
IBM DB2 is one of the popular database and is available on various platform such as Z/OS, Windows, LINUX etc.

One of the most significant new application development feature of DB2 is the Scrollable cursor. scroll-able cursor provide ability to scroll forward and backward through data in an application program with no additional requirement of host language code.

Scroll-able cursor were divided into two category :

DB2 Tutorial
DB2 Scrollable Cursor
The Fetch statement is still used, but it is combined with keywords to move forward or backward.

The following keyword are supported when fetching data from a scroll-able cursor.

Scrollable Cursor
Scroll-able Cursor
All the fetch option for scroll able cursor also re position the cursor before fetching that data.

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