Sunday, 28 April 2019

Why Is IBM UrbanCode Deploy, The Most Trending Thing Now?

I this blog, I will give an overview of  UCD i.e. IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool. It is another popular tool that is gaining popularity and widely used for automating application deployment. 

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What is the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Tool?
IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments. It is designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production.
IBM UrbanCode Deploy automates and speeds up software deployment through different environments. It is designed to support the DevOps approach, enabling incremental application changes to be rolled out quickly and in a reliable and repeatable manner. It includes build and test tools that can automate the deployment of applications all the way to mainframe production environments.
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IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Feature of IBM UrbanCode Deploy Tools. 

  1. The speed with qualityIncrease the frequency of software delivery through automated, repeatable deployment processes across development, test, and production.
  2. Reduce deployment failure: Deliver higher-quality application releases with increased compliance through end-to-end transparency, audit-ability and reduced time to feedback.
  3. Manage complexity: Simplify the deployment of multi-channel apps to all environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud—public or private, with consistency and repeatability.
  4. Reduce silos: Collaborate closely among lines of business, development and IT operations with a lean and agile DevOps software delivery approach.
  5. Scale Reliably: Use one centralized server to manage tens of thousands of endpoints to any number of clouds, data centers, or mainframes.
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IBM UrbanCode Deploy Architecture

IBM UrbanCode Deploy includes a browser-based Process Designer interface that is used to define various deployment items and perform deployment operations. 

It provides drag capabilities for defining process flows where commonly used operation steps can be dragged from a list and dropped as nodes onto the process flow diagram to represent the various operations in a process. 

Visual Design
Process Designer view with CICS, DB2 running in parallel

Nodes are then connected to provide a visualization of the entire deployment flow and any
interdependencies between the steps. 

IBM UrbanCode Deploy also features a stand-alone server that provides most of its core services, including the user interface, workflow engine, configuration tools, access control, and so on. An agent on each target deployment system communicates with the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server and performs specific deployment that is needed in that system.

Concepts and terms in IBM UrbanCode Deploy:

To get started with IBM UrbanCode Deploy, you must learn about the basic concepts and terms that are involved, such as processes, resources, components, and applications. It is important to know how each item can help in release management.
  • Processes: are automated tasks that run on agents and are used to model commonly used deployment flows.
  • Resources: Users can use resources to represent topologies and systems.
  • Components: are individually deployable artifacts that in IBM UrbanCode Deploy represent logical groupings of deployable items and the processes that operate on them (referred to as component processes).
  • Applications: are composed of components and are defined at a business-function level. 


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