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EASYTRIEVE.- How EASYTRIEVE Plus Can Increase Your Profit!

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In today's tutorial we will be discussion about  EASYTRIEVE PLUS which is a reporting tool and it's developed by CA Technology.  I would describe explain feature and capabilities of the EASYTRIEVE on Mainframe. So, lets start with the tutorial. 

EASYTRIEVE Plus Tutorial.

EASYTRIEVE PLUS is a data retrieval and reporting tool that offers incredible capabilities for both business and data processing professionals.

The information retrieval capabilities allow non-data processing personnel to generate reports that meet the information requirements of their organization.

The report composition capability of Easytrieve Plus not only enhance the productivity of professional but also save lot of time and cost to fulfill business requirement. One thing that I like about Easytrive programming is that you can run Easytrieve program without any compilation process you simply need to include program into JCL.

The data management and build choices of EASYTRIEVE PLUS make it an effective application development tool. You can use this powerful, fourth-generation language to:

Prototype applications 

  • Easytrive plus leads to instant design and quick development of production programs. 
  • Perform file maintenance on a wide variety of file and database.
  • Automatic report formatting without sacrificing flexibility. 
  • Production of unlimited reports from one pass of the the information.  
  • Edit masks, such as floating money symbols, check protection etc. 
  • Capability for special forms.
  • Complete conditional logic. 
  • Powerful calculation capabilities. 
  • User-friendly database interfaces to IMS, DLI, IDMS . 
  • Easytrieve Plus supports all types of data from any combination of files – sequential, ISAM, VSAM, or databases. 
  • Easytrive JCL can easily access data of fixed, variable, undefined or spanned record formats.
  • Easytrive Plus can random access of ISAM and VSAM files and databases. 

User-defined reports 

  • An unlimited number of input files 
  • Array processing

Ten Ways Easytrieve Program Structures Can Improve Your Business.

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