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JCL Utilities

Utility programs (or just utilities) are programs that can be used for common data processing functions like copying or printing a data set. With OS/390, you get an older set of utilities known as the MVS utilities.
The MVS utilities are older utilities that are provided by OS/390. Some of these utilities have been replaced by newer utilities or ISPF options.
The JCL for running a utility program has to provide a DD statement for each ddname that’s used by the utility. The SYSIN data set is normally an instream data set that consists of control statements that provide processing specifications
What are system libraries?
z/OS has many standard system libraries. A brief description of several libraries is appropriate here. The traditional libraries include:
  • SYS1.PROCLIB - This library contains JCL procedures distributed with z/OS. In practice, there are many other JCL procedure libraries (supplied with various program products) concatenated with it
  • SYS1.PARMLIB - This library contains control parameters for z/OS and for some program products. In practice, there may be other libraries concatenated with it.
  • SYS1.LINKLIB - This library contains many of the basic execution modules of the system. In practice, it is one of a large number of execution libraries that are concatenated.
  • SYS1.LPALIB - This library contains system execution modules that are loaded into the link   pack area when the system is initialized. There may be several other libraries concatenated with it. Programs stored here are available to other address spaces.
  • SYS1.NUCLEUS - This library contains the basic supervisor ("kernel") modules of z/OS.SYS1.SVCLIB - This library contains operating system routines known as supervisor calls (SVCs).
These libraries are in standard PDS format and are found on the system disk volumes.
Utility NameDescription
IEBGENERCopies or prints sequential data sets.
IEHMOVECopies or moves sequential data sets.
IEBPTPCHPrints or punches the contents of sequential data sets.
IEBCOPYCopies, merges, compresses, backs up, or restores partitioned data sets.
IEHLISTLists system information for PDS directories or VTOC entries.
IEBCOMPRCompares the contents of sequential data sets.
IEBDBGGenerates test data.

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